Taking a bath


Cats naturally groom themselves, so they do not need frequent washing and it is recommended not to wash them unless they get dirty. However, it is better to start bathing your kitten early, so to avoid the fear of water in the future. Use a special shampoo for short-haired cats, warm water and make sure the water or shampoo do not get into the eyes, mouth and ears of your kitten. Prepare a large towel in advance and wipe your cat well. After towel drying, you can use a hair dryer on minimum power and average temperature, gently brushing against the direction of hair growth and then with the direction of growth.


Russian Blues require a minimum of grooming and are very easy to care for. In fact, over grooming can sometimes damage their coat, making it less dense. Cats love the attention of their owner to their coat and enjoy any moments of grooming. Combing and brushing your cat once or twice a week is also an excellent way to monitor the state of health of their skin and hair. During the seasons of shedding provide your cat with extra vitamins and remove loose hair more frequently.

Nail clipping

Cats need periodic nail clipping. Start trimming claws early, so your cat gets used to the process. Use one of the special nail trimmers for cats, guillotine type or a human fingernail clipper. Holding the cat firmly, gently squeeze the toe to expose the claw. Normally, it is easy to see the blood vessels and nerves forming a pink stripe at the base of the nail. Be cautious and cut the white sharp part of the claw, leaving approximately 2 mm to the quick. It is better to cut less, than to damage this part of the nail, as it will start bleeding and hurt the cat.

Beware the common household dangers:

Cat and plants

- All the windows should be protected with a cat-proof screen. Being so curious, cats can escape, jump out or fall down from the window when they try to chase a bird or a fly. A fall from a window can cause serious injury or death.

- Some plants are poisonous to cats, so chewing your houseplants can be dangerous or even fatal to the cat. Make sure your plants are safe for the kitten.

- Cats like to play with small objects like sewing supplies, plastic bags, cotton balls, paper clips, medication, and etc., but they can also be hazardous to a cat.

- Cleaning products and other chemicals should be stored safely, out of reach of a cat, as they can be toxic and poisonous.

- Be careful with the kitchen hot stove, keep the washer door closed and the trash cans covered.

- Put away all strings and threads, hide electrical cords and wires wherever possible.