First steps

Russian Blue baby kitten

The decision has been taken. You are sure that all the members of your family are gladly looking forward to the arrival of the kitten, part of your life and household for the next 15-20 years.

First of all, it is important to know, that kittens need time to learn proper cat behavior from their cat mother. While the kitten is with his mother, he develops a self-immunity system, physical and social stability, learns to socialize with humans, to use the litter box and gets the idea of some other norms of indoor behavior. For that reason breeders make kittens available after twelve weeks of age.

Now it is time to think of the basic needs of the kitten in his new home.

When the kitten arrives in his new home, he feels insecure and lonely, separated from his mother, brother and sisters. Therefore, it is important to prepare everything for the arrival of the kitten in advance, to make the integration easier for the little cat baby.

Cat carrier is the first thing to get when you need to transfer the kitten. Choose the one that you would use in the future for your visits to the vet or any other need of transportation.

Look for a litter box with some safe sort of litter and try to place it in an easy-to-get but quiet place.

Your new pet will need food and water, and of course, some food and water bowls. I would not recommend plastic bowls, so try to find stainless steel bowls for food and ceramic or glass ones for water.

To make your kitten feel comfortable, provide him with a cozy bed in a quiet warm place.

Think of the grooming things for your cat. You will need a comb and a brush for shorthaired cats.

Getting a scratching and climbing post is a very good idea, as the natural behavior of any cat includes scratching, whether you approve or not. A scratching post can become a good place to start playing with the cat, besides it will keep your furniture safe.

All cats love to play, so you can start your collection of cat toys. Your kitten will especially appreciate the interactive toys with feathers, mice or balls. Just make sure the toys are safe.

All kittens are curious creatures and love to explore new things and secret corners of your house, so be careful and make your house kitten-proof.

You should remember that your kitten will require lots of love, attention and patience. Treat him kindly, so to make his integration easier and make him understand that he is safe in his new home and you are a friend he can trust. Do not shout at the cat. Even a baby cat is able to distinguish the notes of affection or irritation in the voice of the owner.

Russian Blue kittens

When you want to encourage the kitten, speak to him in a soft, quiet voice. Teach your kitten the acceptable behavior from the very first day. Never use punishment to reinforce your “No!”. It is always better to pet the kitten and offer rewards when the kitten succeeds in something, rather than to shout and punish him. Petting, hugging and tender handling creates a loving and gentle cat. Remember to treat your kitten with respect. If you can’t accept the independent nature of the cat, try to change your attitude, or … get a dog instead.

When you have other animals in the household, it is better to introduce them as soon as possible. Introducing the newcomer to another cat needs a lot of patience, as cats tend to be very jealous and try to protect their territory. Start with introducing their smell to each other, by rubbing them with a towel and putting the towels in their sleeping area, so they can get used to the scent of the other cat. Next step put your new cat in the carrier and allow the other cat come and sniff the new one. Give both sides enough personal attention, and try to make them feel relaxed and comfortable in the presence of each other. Then, you can start playing with both cats to ease the tension. It takes time, but usually the problem is solved to the mutual benefit.

Give your cat love and affection and he will give it back to you. You’ll discover that cats are gentle and loving animals, which make wonderful companions.